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Bill Ackman contributes $10,000 to support Missouri teen Kaylee Gain’s medical bills

GoFundMe campaign surpasses $225K for Missouri teen Kaylee Gain with severe injuries.

HedgeFund billionaire Bill Ackman figured as the title character of the campaign set up for a Branson, Missouri resident who suffered grave injuries to her body after she was brutally beaten near her high school.

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The Sun reports that the wealthy investor himself contributed ten thousand for the benefit of the 16-year-old victim, Kaylee Gaines and her family, to help them deal with the aftermath.

On Tuesday, the fundraising campaign, which was initiated earlier in the week, saw the name “William Ackman” being at the top of the donor list with most donations made and another name “David Humphreys,” at the second position.

The crowd-funded campaign is suffering a massive support, with approximately five thousand contributors who have pooled over two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars so far, and persistence to the goal of five hundred thousand dollars in two- day period.

When the set of days after the incident reaches six, the situation for Gains is still precarious, with severe brain bleeding induced by a skull fracture and the extensive damage of frontal lobe, as clarified by the friend who has been acting as the fundraising organizer.

Kaylee Gain’s condition till now

The full impact of the brain trauma will remain unknown until Gain regains consciousness, her family conveyed. Amidst the uncertainty, Gain’s parents harboured optimism for her recuperation, stating, “We are so grateful for the amazing medical staff who have been working tirelessly to give her the best possible chance at a full recovery.” This statement was shared on an additional GoFundMe page initiated by another family friend.

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